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Young stock and competition horses for sale
> Training & Lessons
For horses, riders as well as visiting trainers for all disciplines with on-line diary of training session throughout the year
> Stud Services
Artificial insemination with fresh, chilled or frozen semen from any stallion anywhere in the World
> Online Shopping
Food supplements, yard equipment, horse and rider wear all available to order on-line
> Therapies & Treatments
Magnetic therapy and transpirators
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There are various supplements available from the daily maintenance Training Mix to Kidney Support. Their herbal range offers combinations of cost effective natural human quality herbs, covering most areas of equine health and performance. They are available in neat 1lb/454g bags, normally sufficient for an average horse for 60 days.

Please contact us regarding any issues your horse may have and we'll ensure you are offered the most suitable herbs. Our clients have noticed a major difference in their horses in only a few weeks!
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