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Sales of Transpirator machine have doubled in Canada since the introduction of Silver being added to the water. The results of this anti microbial being added to the water has been amazing. Our machine is away this week treating a mare with a very bad sinus problem - watch this space.

Carlson 17 A seven to ten day treatment - - see details on shop page. Results after using this machine speak for themselves. Horses who have been under par or had a virus , respiratory problems etc are benefitting hugely from a series of treatments on this machine.
Carlson 17 came to us last year from Geoff Billington being described as `ALLERGIC TO PRIZE MONEY`, After 10 days on the machine he had two weeks work at home before starting showjumping again - winning 550 in three weeks inc the Grand Prix at the SAIS show. He then went to Barcelona - back in the Billington camp - where he won a class at the international show. Since then he has had numerous wins ridden by Linzi Babes. The Centurion Transpirator got him `over his prize money allergy`!
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