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Indoor Arena

The indoor arena, surfaced with springy, non-slip silica sand and fibre mix enables activities to run all year round. It is extremely well lit, 25x50m and stocked with a full set of quality Show Jumps including a variety of brightly coloured fillers, gates, poles and planks. These provide all you need for a schooling session, lesson or competition. The indoor school is available for individual or group hire throughout the year at a very reasonable cost.

We have just added in a topper onto our surface, it's wax coated and lovely to ride on.
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Outdoor Arena

The 20x60m outdoor arena is surfaced with silica sand and a little rubber. It is nicely tucked away around the back of the yard, and boasts a beautiful view all the way out to the sea! There are plenty of show jumps available for use in the outdoor arena and it is ideal for schooling sessions and lessons on days when the sun is shining!

We have recently added in fibre to our arena giving it more spring, the new surface rides very well.
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Coming Soon!

Our small existing arena between our indoor and outdoor arena that was previously used for lunging has now been re drained and we are almost ready for putting the surface back on. This arena will be incorporated into our showjumping and dressage shows as either a warm up or a dressage ring. It is also the perfect size for lunging or backing our young horses!
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