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Young stock and competition horses for sale
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For horses, riders as well as visiting trainers for all disciplines with on-line diary of training session throughout the year
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Artificial insemination with fresh, chilled or frozen semen from any stallion anywhere in the World
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Food supplements, yard equipment, horse and rider wear all available to order on-line
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Magnetic therapy and transpirators
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Over Night Accommodation

For those staying for a day or two we offer warm and comfortable over night accommodation. We have a spacious flat comprising two single beds, a TV and a bathroom with shower, and another with two double beds, bathroom with shower, kitchen with microwave and kettle, breakfast table and comfy sofa perfect for collapsing on after a hard day of riding!

This is ideal for people travelling long distances to visit Balcormo, especially when taking part in clinics spread over a few days.
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